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Activities of Management Study Circle
Our college runs Management Study Circle by the management study circle committee members. The following activities were organized during the year 2012-13.

Chairman- Prof. A.A. Dataniya
Vice Chairman- Prof. B. M. Patel
Prof. Pallavi C. Vyas
Prof. Khushbu Banshal
Prof. Prakash M. Parmar
1 Objective Test In charge – Prof. Khushbu V. Bansal
Multiple choice questions are asked nowadays in all the competitive examinations. With a view to preparing our students for them, we organized Objective Test on 28th August, 2012.

50 M.C.Qs. were asked in the test and 30 minutes were allotted to answer them. 55 students had participated in the test.
2 Identify Symbol In charge- Prof. Pallavi C. Vyas
The activity regarding the identification of symbol was conducted on 31st August, 2012. 55 students had participated
3 Mock Interview In charge- Prof. C.A. Shah
Management study circle is also interested in developing certain personality, qualities and gives knowledge about the field to enable to gain competency and comparative advantages in interviews. Expert persons were invited to judge the performance of students, so that they can get guidance and relevant suggestions. It was conducted on 7th September,2012. The interview panel was consisted of retired Prof. P.M. Shah, Prof. C.A. Shah, and Prof. L.D. Baria.
4 Career Counselling In charge- Prof. A.A. Dataniya
The activity regarding the identification of symbol was conducted on 8th February, 2013. 55 students had participated.
5 Group Discussion In charge- Prof. B.M. Patel
Group Discussion was held on 15th February, 2013. 30 students participated in the competition. They were bifurcated in to 2 groups by draw.

The groups were asked to discuss "global warming" among themselves. After a discussion of 15 minutes, each group leader was asked to submit opinions.
6 Education tour & industrial Visit In charge- Prof. Prakash M. Parmar
The purpose of the education tour is to make students a with the practical functioning of business in the society. The linkage of the academic with the actual working of economic activity is focused. It was organised on 19th February,2013 at the place of goblaj, in Hindustan Coca-Cola pvt ltd. Company.

Arranging lecture series for different subjects:
Our College aims at enhancing knowledge of the students. To serve this aim, the
college has arranged a lecture series by eminent speakers of different spheres :-
1. On 25th November, 2011 "Shri Ajitbhai Shah " a lecture on Taxation & Accountancy was arranged.
2. On 1st December, 2011 " Prin. Star Payal Aiyer " a lecture on "What we are and where we are " was arranged.
3. On 5th December, 2011 " Prof. Anuradha Pagedar " a lecture on Bussiness Law was arranged.
4. On 9th December, 2011 " Prof. R.I. Pandya " a lecture on Yoga was arranged.
Lectures of eminent faculties for the students in the subjects of English, Statistics, Accountancy and Management are arranged.

(a) A lecture on Multi Media was arranged.

(b) Lecture series on Importance of co–operation was arranged.

(c) NSS Shibir Lecture was arranged on Environment and Ecology on 19/11/2008. Namrataben who belongs to Arambh N.G.O. was invited to deliver a lecture on significance of tree plantation and sustainable development.

(d) An interview programme of farmers and students was arranged, which was sort of discourse of farmers to the students regarding art of agriculture and its process. Experts from Ahmedabad Jilla Panchayat and other experts in agriculture were invited to give discourse on this subject. Knowledge and practical experiencewise the interactive session was fruitful and enriching. Moreover the Extension Officer of agriculture Mr. Katathiya as well as members of other talukas remained present in the programme. More than 80 farmers of neighbouring villages participated in the programme and a dinner was arranged for 150 students and farmers on 21/11/2008.

(e) On Aids Awareness the students of the college prepared a C.D. and presented it to college students and the professors. It was an excellent exclusive effort of the students.

(f) March on generating environment protection awareness was taken from the college campus to Income Tax - Gandhi statue. It took full round on Ashram Road and returned to college campus. It was a procession with banners, play cards and slogans. More than 60 students and couple of professors joined the procession. New plants were planted by our Managing Trustee and professors in the college campus. This programmme created a sense among the students that how important it is to preserve, protect and create environment. It also showed the sensitivity towards, the burning problem of 'Climate Change' and ecological balance. Principal Dr. M. S. Trivedi gave a lecture on significance of preserving environment and seriousness of environment deterioration. He also highlighted how different Herbs and plants are useful for health and preventing diseases. This programmme was shown on T.V. on news channel for fortnight.

(g) Professor Sudarshan Iyanger, V.C. of Gujarat Vidhyapeeth gave a lecture on 'How Mohandas became Mahatma' - covering Gandian thought pattern, ideology, values, and ethics, his inner strength and powerful determination, childhood and South - Africa experiences. All these points were well narrated by him with variety of illustrations. He showed how Gandhi was born in South-Africa, prevailed world over and became the hero of India's independence.
Lecture series on Co-operation :
The college arranged a lecture series on co-operation and its advantages. How it leads to social cohesion and concern, how it helps to overcome self interest and leads to 'Social Good', was the pivotal theme of the series. Through different dimensions of co-operation it was shown how, it leads to social optimality i.e. social betterment.
Blood Donation and Lectures on Health Awareness
Health consciousness and awareness are most vital and it is an integral part of Human Development. Keeping this in mind, we arranged lectures on Thalassemia, and Aids Awareness. A lecture, on such important concern, was arranged. Dr Mahesh Trivedi, Honorary Director of Red-cross Society delivered a lecture and a Blood Donation Camp was arranged as a social responsibility to impart services to the society. The students cheerfully donated blood.

Cultural Activity:


During this year 27 no. of students had participated in various activities such as classical dance, extempore, poetry completion on the spot painting, poster making, clay modeling, skit, cartooning, quiz competition, debate, mime, elocution, collage, and rangoli etc. in Ellis bridge North Zone Youth festival.

Kothari Krinal and Luhar Pinky got prize in classical dance and clay modeling respectively at Zonal level
During this year cultural following activities was held on the date of 20th August 2015 to 2nd September,2015.. 

Various competitions such as: - Mehandi competition, on the spot painting, rangoli competition, cartooning competition, poster making, collage, clay modelling, hair style competition. 


During this year 33 no. of students had participated in various activities such as quiz competition, debate, mime, elocution, collage, and rangoli etc. inEllis bridge North Zone Youth festival.

During this year cultural following activities was held on the date of 5th August 2013 to 15th August 2013.

1. Various competitions such as: - Mehandi competition, on the spot painting, rangoli competition, cartooning competition, poster making, collage, clay modelling, hair style competition.

2. This college had organised ´NAVRATRI GARBA´ programme on 7th September 2013 in Navgujarat campus. Many no. of students had participated in this programme with enthusiasm.

3. On 13th February 2014, ´Parikh-Zala debate competition´ was organised and our college 2nd semester’s student Darshan Rana received second prize in this competition.


During this year cultural following activities was held on the date of 3rd August 2012 to 8th August 2012.

1. Teachers day

2. Various competitions such as:- Mehandi competition, on the spot painting, rangoli competition, cartooning competition, poster making, collage, clay modelling, hair style competition.

3. This college had organised ´NAVRATRI GARBA´ programme on 20th October 2012 in Navgujarat campus. Many no. of students had participated in this programme with enthusiasm.

4. On 12th March 2013, ´Parikh-Zala debate competition´ was organised and our college student received first prize and trophy in this competition.

Navgujarat Group of Colleges organized a programme "માં-બાપને ભૂલશો નહીં" by a well-known artist
Shri Ashvinbhai Joshi at Thakorbhai Desai Hall on 25th February, 2012 between
4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

The purpose of this programme is to inculculate social values in the young generation.


It is a tradition in our college to celebrate Independence day with a patriotic song competition. This year also students from all the colleges in the campus participated and celebrated the independence day with zeal and enthusiasm. Prin.Dr.M.S.Trivedi and Prin.Dr.Indira Nityanandam were the Judges and declared the winners.

1. On 16-08-2011 a Menhdi Competition was organized as a part of cultural programmes arranged every year in month of August. Three students were declared winners of the competition.

2. On 17-08-2011 On the Spot Painting Competition was organized and the winners were selected as our representatives in the competitions of the Guj.Uni.Youth Festival. (Ellisbridge North Zone)

3. A Poster Making Competition was organized on 26-08-2011. A hair-style making competition was also organized on 26-08-2011.

4. A Rangoli Competition was organized on 25-08-2011 and boys and girls participated in the competition.

5. The college "Navratri Mahotsav" on 03-10-2011 and prizes were declared for best performances. It is an event awaited by the students since the beginning of the academic year. Three boys and three girls were selected for their performance and were declared as winners.

6. The last week of December is celebrated by the students with great zeal. They celebrate the winter session by arranging many programmes. On 27-12-2011 "SAREE AND EXECUTICE DAY" was celebrated and the whole campus throbbed with young students clad in sarees and suits. The proud winners were invited on the stage and the campus looked colorful.

7. On 29-12-2011 "BACK TO SCHOLL DAY" was celebrated and the students were dressed in school uniforms. The class rooms became livelier and the students naughtier with that childlike innocence.

8. On 31-12-2011 " TRADITIONAL DRESS DAY" was celebrated . This day is a great occasion for the students as "Mr. Navgujarat" and "Miss Navgujarat" are selected on this day. The girls were dressed in traditional Chaniya-Cholis and boys were also smartly dressed in traditional Shervanis. Mohit Marwadi of SY B COM was declared "Mr. Navgujarat" and Soniya Bhojwani of FY B COM was declared "Miss Navgujarat".

9. This year also the students of our college made us feel proud by bagging prizes in the youth festival organized by the GUJARAT UNIVERSITY. We won prizes in Elocution, Rangoli, Collage and Cartooning. It is a moment of pride for the students and also for the staff members to watch the students receiving the Trophies. Rathod Jignesh of TY B COM won the prize in Collage at the Zonal level also and he represented Gujarat University at the National Youth Festival organized in Udaipur(Rajasthan).

1. On 20th December, 2010 "Parikh Zala" Elocution Competition was organized for the students of all the five colleges on the campus. Prin. M.C.shah Commerce College won the Trophy.

2. It is a tradition in our college to organize PARIKH-ZALA elocution competition every year. This competition which is meant for the five colleges on the campus was organized this year on 20th Dec., 2010. The Trophy was won by Prin. M.C.Shah Commerce College and the individual second prize was also won by Desai Sanjay, a student of F.Y.B.Com., Prin. M.C.Shah Commerce College.

3. The students eagerly wait for 31st December every year, the day on which Mr. Navgujarat and Miss. Navgujarat are selected. The Boys were dressed as executives and the Girls were dressed in Sarrees. Out of all the students of the college, Trivedi Rutvik was selected as Mr. NAVGUJARAT and Vbhuti Zala was selected as Miss. NAVGUJARAT. The students celebrated the last day of year with enthusiasm. The college also celebrated "TRADITIONAL DRESS DAY" on 1st January, 2011.


Youth Festival ( Ellis bridge North Zone ) was organized on 16, 17, 18 September 2010. The students of our college participated in different competitions. The following students won prizes in five different categories and our college was declared as one of the five best colleges :-

Quiz First Prize

Jadia Ravi, Sathwara Jaimin, Solanki Ankur.

Cartooning Second Prize

Rathod Jignesh.

Collage Third Prize

Rathod Jignesh.

Clay Modeling Third Prize

Tantia Alok.

Poetry Completion Third Prize

Prajapati Yogesh.

Zonal Youth Festival was organized by Gujarat University on 4, 5th October. Our college won the prize in college Marketing Competition. Congratulations to Rathod Jignesh.

Teacher´s Day :

As per tradition of our college, we celebrated Teacher´s Day on 7th September, 2010. Nearly 30 students participated in the celebration and played the roles of teachers with zest enthusiasm. These students were motivated, encouraged, guided and felicitated by the staff and the principal.

Talent Hunt Programme :

A programme for talent hunt was organized in collaboration with Radio Mirchi in the college campus. A large number of students participated in the event like singing, Dance, Extempore speech etc.
Garba Mahotsav :

Garba ( Navratri ) Mahotsav was organized in the college campus on 14th October, 2010. The students participated in Mahotsav with zest and enthusiasm.


CWDC Activity:
• The college is running Women's development cell. It is headed by Prof. SonalbenThaker- Head of English Department. The cell is very active and regularly arranges various programmes.

• Prof. SonalbenThakar (convenor)
• Prof. Pallavi C. Vyas (co-convener)
• Ms. Kalpanaben Rajput (member)
• On 18th February, 2014, a lecture was organized in college on “social expectation and women”. The speaker was Dr. Indira Nityanadam. She has discussed about expectation from women in the society
• One day seminar for cancer awareness and detection of cancer by gynac check-up for married women by willy test and pap test held at village Lana, Taluka Dholka on 15/11/2013.

Gujarat Cancer and research institute Ahmedabad provide services for this noble activity and 29 women were benefited by this seminar
• A lecture on ‘Laws and Prevention of women against violence’ was held on 2nd September, 2013 by Shree Nitin Trivedi in the college campus at 9:30 a.m. in the assembly hall. More than 250 girls students remained present and got awareness on women‘s rights and precautions against domestic as well as outside violence.
• A lecture on ‘awareness of nutrition in diet for women’ was also held on 10th September, 2013 by daughter of Nitin Trivedi, Ms. Kinjal Trivedi in the college campus at 9:30 a.m. in the assembly hall. More than 200 girls as well as 80 boys students remained present and got awareness about the food and calories calculation. Moreover they learnt how to improve Haemoglobin by specific food.
• Under the aegis of women’s development cell, a cancer diagnostics camp was organized in Ashoknagar, the purpose of the camp was to bring awareness among rural women about breast and uterus cancer. The camp was organized on 10th January 2013. Vill test and PEP test of 13 women were also done.
• An exhibition of the photographs was also made to bring awareness among women. 32 women of Ashoknagar took benefit of the camp.
• On 9th Jan, 12 a Cancer awareness programme was organized at Chankheda village. 47 women took benefit of it. The programme was organized with the co-operation of Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad. The doctors talked to women regarding their health problems. They educated the women on uterus cancer and provided guidelines about different tests required foe cancer awareness.
• An elocution competition was organized in the college. The subject was 'Is women Empowerment required in 21st century?' The students participated in it with enthusiasm and the debate was thought provoking the audience also.
• A state level seminar under the aegis of the women’s development cell was organized on 22nd September 2012 on “Empowering women through Education". The speakers were:
• Dr. Indira Nityanandam
• Ms. Jhanvi Andharia
• Ms. Mittal Patel
• Ms.Nafisa Barot
• Ms. Veena Vaishnav
• Ms. Jayshree Vyas
All the speakers are closely associated with NGOs and they talked about bringing awareness among women of their rights by educating them.

Image Building Activity:
Ours is an era of cut-throat competition in the market. The market is infested with a variety of the products by local and global manufactures. To survive in market, many manufactures follow bad practices like inferior quality, duplicate brands, false promotions offers and so on.

The students are and will be the customers. Through the medium of students the college tried to create awareness in the society regarding such malpractices. The college arranged a visit of the Consumer Education and Research Society situated at Thaltej in Ahmedabad.

A group of students visited the institute on 20th March,12. They were shown a film on need and importance of consumer awareness. Then the students visited laboratories where testing of products are done. The students were enlighten about consumer act and how they could be best consumers. The visit party was accompanied by Prof. D.B. Bandhiya and Principal Dr.M.S.Trivedi.

Parents Gathering:

Parents gathering was held in the college campus on 13th October, 2010. A large number of parents attended the meeting. An interesting interaction was held with the parents. The meeting was mutually beneficial.

Upliftment of weak and needy students :
During 2008-09 we started a move in this direction
• We call the parents of weak students and showed them a way as to how they can overcome such limitations of their ward. We also informed them about their study and their performance in internal examinations. This enabled us to come in contact with the parents and communicate with them about the students and their performance. Consequently we found the effect of these pursuits on sincerity, regularity and the performance of the students.
• Unit test is taken in each class of F.Y.B.Com. in the subject of their syllabus.

• The students are given assignments in different subjects.

Generating Social Capital :
• Prepared the students to present a drama, as a means of communication for Beti Bachav Andolan in Gujarat. The drama was performed by our NSS students in the camp to spread it to rural masses.

• Two voluntary blood donation camps were arranged; one at college campus and another at Miroli Village(NSS Camp Station).
• Celebrating national festivals with the sense of patriotism.
• Every year we arrange a programme for guidance and information to the society - What after XII Std ? This has been an immense help to the society with regard to choosing career path.

• On Flag Day the college donated money for the welfare of Indian soldiers.

• College has forwarded a recommendation letter to a poet for the nomination, to Norwegian Nobel Institute, Oslo Norway for the poetry on Humanity and the well-being of  Humanity and Human kind.

Social Marketing :
This is a new and emerging field of study.

Nasha-Bandhi & Abkari Khata : Students performed a drama on this on 16/11/2008. The focus was on the fact how bad and injurious they are to the society and how they make the social fiber fragile.
• A drama performed by students focussing on eleminating Superstitions and Blind Beliefs prevailing in society.

• Drugs, smoking, addictions and other social stigma, physically and socially (consequence wise) injurious to the society, were presented through drama.

N.S.S Activity:

During this academic year the NSS Annual Camp was organized at Visalpur taluka Dascroi, dist. Ahmedabad during 27 -10-2014 to 2-11-2014. The following activities were carried out during the camp :-
Dental Check-up Camp :

Date : 28-10-2014. No. of beneficiaries 116.


Career Guidance :
Career Guidance : Dt. 31-10-2014.
Guidance by: Shri Natubhai Verma
Shri kamalkaran
Shri Shinghavv Shri Vaghela

Yoga Shibir : Dt. 04- 11-2014. Lecture by Dr. M.S. Trivedi
Eye Check-up Camp : Dt. 1-11-2014
No. of beneficiaries : 388
Spectacles distributed : 250
Cataract Operation : 36
Civil Defence Training : Dt. 06-01-2012.
Drama : 
Drug Prohibition

 Dt. 30-10-2014.
Participated- 450

Diabetes Detection Camp :  
Place Date No. of beneficiaries
Chandkheda 07-01-12 115
Ashok nagar 11-01-13 95
Lana 16-11-13 78
Health Check-up Camp : Dt. 30-10-2014. No. of beneficiaries : 70
Cartooning Competition : Dt. 08-01-2012.
Cattle Camp : Dt. 16-11-2013. 128 animals were treated.
Blood Donation Camp : Dt. 30-10-2014 :
Cancer Awareness and Cancer Check-up Camp : Dt.28-10-2014. No. of beneficiaries : 33.
Programme of Aids Awareness :
Dt. 29-10-2014.

Dt. 1-11-2011:
A meditation programme for world peace by Satya Sai Foundation by Shri Rajiv Gosai was organized on 1-11-2014 between 5:00 p.m to 6.00 p.m. Guidance for de-addiction was provided between 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. the students organized cultural programme for audience. 

NSS Zonal  
Closing Ceremony Dt: 2-11-14. The valedictory function was graced by smt. Neelaben B. Chauhan (ex- president ,District Panchayat)
We have one unit of NSS. Every year 100 to 100 students take active part in NSS activity.

Every year our NSS Unit arranges annual camp in the adopted village and carries out various social awareness activities like cleanliness, national integrity, removing illiteracy, de-addiction, superstition etc.

Main Project Activity:

• Services in adopted slum area, health awareness.

• Andhashraddha Nivaran Programmes. Aids awareness.

• Health Education Programmes. Adult Education Programmes.
College Campus Activity:
. Blood Donation Camp.

. Flag Hoisting Celebration.

. Tree Plantation.

. College Campus Cleaning.

. De addiction Programmes - Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan.

. Thalassemia awareness.

. Co-operative training for one week.
Annual Camp Activity:

NSS Camp was held during 1st January 2011 to 7th January 2011 at Bavla Dist : Ahmedabad with cooperation of APMC, Bavla

Medical Check-up.
  • Eye Check-up -Operation of cataract and free distribution of spectacles.
  • Blood Donation Camp.
  • Aids awareness camp.
  • Maternity diseases and women health awareness.
  • Yoga Training Programme.
  • Dental Camp & Cure Camp.
  • Personality Development Camp.
  • National Civil Defence Training Programme.
  • Animal  Husbandry Camp ( Cattle Camp)
NSS unit also arranged one Personality Development Programme with the collaboration of Procter & Gamble company on 17/11/2008. This programme was specially meant for  girls. Gifts worth Rs. 15,000/- were distributed among the participants.
Under the NSS activities we took a visit on 22/11/2008 to Peerana Prerna Pith Taluka Dascroi–District Ahmedabad. This is a holy place and the aim of the visit was to understand the need of and feel for communal harmony.

Personality Development:
• A well defined and developed personality is a basic requirement for success in any sphere besides having academic excellence. The college always strives at bringing out the inherent talent of the students and developing their personality.
• A lecture on personality development by Shri Nitinbhai Trivedi was arranged during an N.S.S camp held at chankheda village.It was a resourceful lecture with interesting discourse.
• During the month of September-2013, all students of semester-1 had been given the knowledge of yoga to control their feelings and stress. Yog Guru Nitin Trivedi delivered four lectuers regarding basic Yoga for the students of all the classes of first semester.

Workshops, Seminars Conducted:
(i) One day seminar on personality development was arranged in NSS camp at Miroli village.

(ii) One day seminar on Yoga was arranged on 15/11/2008 at Miroli-Village under NSS unit wherein 60 students and other villagers participated. Mr. Nitin Trivedi gave the training of Yoga.

(iii) One day seminar was arranged on 'Aids Awareness' in the college. 150 students and some of the professors attended these presentations by the students.

(iv) A one day seminar was held in the college on maternity diseases and their prevention in collaboration with Procter & Gamble Company Ltd..

(v) NSS unit organized a seminar on Agriculture Improvement and its processes on 21/11/2008 at Miroli. More than 80 farmers from surrounding villages attended the seminar along with the students. In this seminar we invited more than 10 Agriculture Experts from District Panchayat Ahmedabad who enriched the farmers with the knowledge of agriculture. The students also gained knowledge of agriculture and its techniques and processes.

(vii)A workshop was arranged in NSS camp for Aids and Thalassemia Awareness at Miroli village.
Details of the Seminars held in the college
DATE Arranged in collaboration with Title
25-05-09 Punyam Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment of Graduates
20-08-09 The Institute of Computex Accounts Evolution of Accounts and career in Accounts
24-08-09 Xplora Design school Awareness programme on multimedia and animation education
28-08-09 Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration Guidance on Civil Services Examinations
02-09-09 Globsyn Business School Student Empowerment Workshop
03-09-09 IMPEL Overseas Education Highlighting Opportunities in Studying Abroad
09-09-09 “The Chopras”  Chopra Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Vocational  Guidance
10-09-09 CMC Computer Education Technical Seminar for IT For Commerce Udergraduates
01-01-09 XPLORA Design Skool Mahatma Gandhi National Creative Test
Digital Asia School of Animation  
13-10-09 Attitude Call Centre Private Limited Job Placement
21-11-09 Careerline Education Foundation Career Guidance and Mock Test
04-11-09 India Renal Foundation Kidney Awareness
05-11-09 Gujarat State Aids Control Society HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme
10-11-09 Career Launcher India Ltd. ‘Tycoons-2009 – The Great Leadership Hunt
30-11-09 PT Education Career Guidance Talk
21-12-09 “The Chopras” Chopra Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Opportunities Available for Higher Education
26-12-09 XCellon Institute “Global Opportunities and Careers in Management”
29-12-09 To 31-12-09 Successcraft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment of Customer Care Executive

Sports Activities
Extra Coaching Camp for Sports Activities:
Besides academic excellence, the physical fitness is inevitable for overall growth of a student. The college organizes many sports events round the year. Our students are motivated and provided platform for participating in inter-college, inter university, state level and national level sports competition.

In addition to regular sports events, the college had organized an extra coaching camp for athletics in the beginning of the second term. Many students had taken part in it. The coaching camp had lasted for ten days.
Sports Activities:
The college aims at building healthy and energetic youth. Only sports can serve the purpose. The college organized inter-class tournaments in Chess, Badminton, table Tennis, Athletics etc. The students had taken part in inter-collegiate tournament in swimming, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Judo, Kho-kho, volleyball, Lawn tennis and athletics.
The college took part in "Swarnim Khel Maha-Kumbh" organized by Gujarat government. The college students took part in following games.

Table Tennis
Volley Ball

A student of "D" Division, Desai Devendra J. stood first in following events.
1) Short Put
2) Javelin Thrown
3) Discuss Thrown

As per the tradition of college, Annual Sports Day for the staff and students was organized on 11th January, 12 on Gujarat University ground. Different competition like Running, Throw, Events, Jump Events etc. were held.

The winners were awarded with medals, trophies and certificates on the Annual Day of the college.

Incentives to outstanding sports person
• 100% tuition fee concession is given to National Level players.

• DA is also given to participants in tournaments.

• Sports kit is given to all competitors.

• We also honour and award the rank holder in the field of sports.
Student achievements:
• During the academic year 2012 -13, Prajapati Ashwin S. was selected in open volley ball Ahmedabad competition and his team stood second in Gujarat state. He also played in volley ball team in 'khel-mahakumbh' organized by Gujarat government and his team stood third.

Ties with Industry and Corporation:
New courses in collaboration with Adani Group of Companies. The infrastructure related course is designed to make the final year students employable in the emerging infrastructure sector. For the admission in the course written examination and group discussion is conducted and the admission is granted on the basis of these tests. The nominal fee for the entire course is charged.

Regular classes are being conducted in the college premises by the faculty members of the Adani Group of Companies, and coordinated by Prof L.D.Baria of the college. During the course one industrial visit is arranged to make the students familiar with the practical performance of the industry. Our students visited The Mundra Port in the years 2007 and 2008.

The course is of 60 hours lectures.  Examination is conducted on completion of the lecture series and the successful students are given certificates.

Disaster Management
Academic year 2010-11:

• Civil defense training had given all F.Y. students in the college, regularly for one week by civil defense department of government of India.
Academic year 2011-12:

• Civil defense training was given to N.S.S student during the N.S.S CAMP held at Chandkheda.
With coordination of Civil Defence Department Gujarat State and Chief Warden Nanubhai Vaidhya has held basic training classes for civil defence at Jadaba Hall Jetalpur village on 1st Nov 2009.

On 2nd Nov 2009 a mock rescue operation in the event of earthquake and terrorist attack was held at 4.30 pm from the high rise building by the girl students at the Swaminaryan Temple, Jetalpur village with the co-ordination of the Civil Defense Department, Gujarat State.
On 3rd Nov 2009 a rescue operation for rescuing people from sinking in the water in the lake of Naj villiage was performed.
On 4th Nov 2009 exhibition of a rescue van costing rupees 4 crores provided by Govt. of India and its demonstration was held for different risky operations by applying different tools of the van in the event of  crisis.

Environment and Ecology
On 20th March,12 a group of students visited a reputed institute The center of environment education situated at Thaltej Tekra, Ahmedabad. it is run by a well-known industrialist, Social activist and ecologist Shri Kartikey Sarabhai. The students had an interesting discourse with the faculties of the institute. They were enlightened about various factors causing threat to environment and how the environment can be protected.

As the visit was prior to World Water Day, special emphasis was given on how to preserve water and how to prevent it from getting contaminated and so o. The visit party was accompanied by Prof. D.B.Bandhiya, Principal Dr. M.S. Trivedi and Prof. Sonalben Thaker.

The college arranges following different awareness programs to meet social responsibility.
Dubieties check-up
Dental check-up
Eye check-up
Body check-up
Cattle camp
Civil defense
Leave gutkha tobacco abhiyan
Removal of addiction
Removal of Superstition
Thalessemia Awareness
Blood Donation
Cancer Awareness

Health Awareness
Free distribution of spectacles

Place Date No. of Patients benefited
Paldi – Kankaj 20-11-07 300
Miroli 18-11-08 400
Jetalpur 05-11-09 288
Bavla 05-01-11 403
Chandkeda 06-01-12 695
Ashok nagar 09-01-2013 410
Lana 15-11-2013 317
Medical check up

Place Date No. of Patients benefited
Paldi – Kankaj 18-11-07 200
Miroli 21-11-08 182
Jetalpur 03-11-09 158
Bavla 02-01-11 87
Chandkeda 08-01-12 204
Ashok nagar 08-01-2013 238
Lana 12-11-2013 79
Cattle camp

Place Date No. of Cattle
Paldi – Kankaj 27-11-07 187
Miroli 19-11-08 140
Jetalpur 02-11-09 100
Chandkeda 09-01-12 27
Ashok nagar 12-01-2013 246
Lana 16-11-2013 128
Cataract operation

Place Date No. of Patients operated
Paldi – Kankaj 20-11-07 43
Miroli 18-11-08 31
Jetalpur 05-11-09 22
Bavla 05-01-11 56
Chandkeda 06-01-12 31
Ashok nagar 09-01-2013 54
Lana 13-11-2013 24
Dental check up
The entire above program was held as under

Place Date No. of Patient No. of Patients Operated
Paldi Kankaj 22-11-07 186 30
Miroli 20-11-08 153 30
Jetlapur 05-11-09 178 30
Bavla 03-01-11 153 26
Chandkeda 05-01-12 145 32
Ashok nagar 10-01-2013 103 15
Lana 15-11-2013 84  
Blood donation camp

Place Date No. of Bottles
(Blood collected)
Paldi Kankaj 23-11-07 40
Miroli 22-11-08 23
Jetlapur 04-11-09 27
Bavla 25-10-10 16
Chandkeda 09-01-12 23
Ashok nagar 09-01-13 15
Lana 14-11-2013 16

A blood donation camp was held in the college campus on 10th August, 2010. It was held with the co. operation of Red Cross Blood Bank. A large number of students donated blood and rendered social service.

Creative Art Competition:

The college organized Gujarat University Inter Collegiate Creative Art Competition.


  • Competition was organised on 10th September, 2008 such as- on the spot painting, Poster Making, Cartooning, collage
  • About 55 students had participated from 22 colleges affiliated with Gujarat University.
  • Ms. Ranu P. Shah (student of this college) stood first in on the spot painting competition.

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-10:
  • Competition was organised on 28th August, 2009 such as -- on the spot painting, Poster Making, Cartooning, collage
  • About 68 students had participated from 22 colleges affiliated with Gujarat University.

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2010-11:
  • Competition was organised on 30th September, 2010 such as- on the spot painting, Poster Making, Cartooning, collage
  • About 48 students had participated from 18 colleges affiliated with Gujarat University.
  • Ms. Jigna Baria (student of this college) stood second in on the spot painting competition

   ACADEMIC YEAR 2011-12:
  • During this year about 60 students from different colleges participated in different competitions like On the Spot Painting, Poster Making, Cartooning and Collage, etc.

Activities carried out under 'Sapta Dhara' [Swarnim Gujarat Project]

Celebration of the Gujarat University Foundation Day ( 23rd November, 2010)

  • As per the guidelines of Gujarat University, the college celebrated the foundation day by organizing "Garba Mahotsav" in the college premises. Nearly 300 students and staff members participated in the Mahotsav with enthusiasm.
  • During Diwali Vacation ( 11th Nov. to 20th Nov., 2010) a coaching camp for Table-Tennis was organized in the sports room of the college from 8.00 to 9.30 a.m. in which 12 students participated.
  • The college has sent an entry for 27 participants in the " Swarnim Chess Competition" organized by Gujarat Government. The competition will begin from 20th Dec., 2010.
  • 27 students took part in Swarnim chess competition held under Swarnim Gujarat. Three students were selected as chess master.
  • The college is going to participate in "SWARNIM KHEL MAHA-KUMBH" organized by Gujarat Government during 1st to 20th Dec., 2010. The following no. of students will participate in these competitions:-
       Table-Tennis 04
       Badminton 04
       Volley Ball 08
       Cricket 16
       Kho-Kho 09   


  • Guidence on Civil Services Examination by trained IAS officials of SPIPA, Ahmedabad.
  • Mock Test and Career Guidence by Careerline Education Foundation.
  • Training on Civil Defence. Examination on Civil Defence was conducted. 530 students cleared the examination and were issued certificates.


  • During the academic year 2012 -13 students have participated enthusiastically participated in Ellis bridge north youth festival.



  • Tranning and live demonstration of Yoga by a wellknown Yoga expert Mr. Nitinbhai Trivedi.
  • Besided regular sports activities our students took part in Khel Maha kumbh organized by Gujarat Government.


  • The college organised Parikh Zala Education Competition. Students from all the colleges of Navgujarat Parivar were invited. A second prize was won by our student.
  • During the academic year 2012-13, three students have sent essay in essay competition which was organised by ´PRYAVARAN SARANKSHAN SANSTHA´ Junagadh.


  • The college organised eye check up camp, cataract operation camp, health check up camp, dental checkup camp, and gynacc checkup camp etc. at Bavla under N.S.S.


  • The college organised Navgujarat Inter Collegiate Creative Art Competition. THe competitions like On the sopit painting, Cartooning, Collage Poster making were held. 56 students from 22 collages participated in it.
  • Panchal Ami participated in Painting Exhibition organised under 'Sapta Dhara Mahotsav' by C.U.Shah Collage.
  • During the academic year 2012-13, the college organised Inter co Collegiate Creative Art Competition. THe competitions like On the sopit painting, Cartooning, Collage Poster making were held. 48 students from 18 collages participated in it.



Book Exhibition:

A book exhibition was held in the central library of the college from 30th January, 12 to 3rd January, 12. This year the students from all the commerce and some well-known arts colleges of the city were invited to visit the exhibition. The book exhibition was inaugurated by Smt. Minaben R. Shah of M.J. library run by Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation in the presence of Prin. M.S. Trivedi and other dignitaries.

The book on various subjects like Ghandhian literature, Novels, Biographies, General Knowledge, Motivation literature, Dictionaries, etc. were displayed in the exhibition. This year, special emphasis was given on "Books on Competitive Examination."

Many students and faculties visited the exhibition. Pro Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University Dr. Mukulbhai Shah, the managing trustee of Vidhyabhavan Trust, Shri Mukeshbahi Shah and a Principal of the sister concern Smt. S.R. Mehta Arts College, Smt. Indira Nityanandam visited the exhibition on 31st January, 12.

College have more than 72,000 books in the library and more than 79 magazines in various subjects (national + international) are subscribed by the college library.
This college run PBL (POOR BOYS LIBRARY), under this programme the following no. of students were provided book-sets.

Academic year 2011-12

Class Guj. med Eng med Total
Sem. 1 15 65 80
Sem. 2 14 51 65
S.Y.B.COM 30 96 126
T.Y.B.COM 30 80 110
TOTAL : 89 292 381

Academic year 2012-13

Class Guj. med Eng med Total
Sem. 1 15 60 75
Sem. 2 15 60 75
Sem. 3 15 35 50
Sem. 4 15 35 50
T.Y.B.COM 30 88 118
TOTAL : 90 278 368

Academic year 2013-14

Class Guj. med Eng med Total
Sem. 1 15 49 64
Sem. 3 15 34 49
Sem. 5 16 41 57
TOTAL : 46 124 170

Navgujarat Book Club :

To Develop the habit of reading "Navgujarat College Book Club " has been established for the last four years. With great interest and enthusiasm, the members of the book club read autobiographies, successful novels, reference books, Gandhian literature and inspiring books. From 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. including the vacation the books were issued to the students.


Gujarat Granth Nirman Board is a reputed publication which publishes and sells books in the field of higher education and every sphere of literature with the co-operation of the publishing house, an exhibition of mobile van containing the books on various subjects was held in the premises. The students and lecturers visited the fair and purchased a number of books.

Common timings of all the three colleges on the campus Common papers for both the commerce colleges. Coverage of the whole syllabus. Seating arrangement as per University pattern i.e. 30 students in each block. Selection of the question paper by the examination committee out of two papers drawn by the subject teachers.
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