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welcome function | Celebration of Mahila Sashaktikaran |
Sneh Milan | Gandhi Katha | Cultivating  Library Habit

welcome function

  •  College organized welcome function and orientation programme for the Sem-1 students.
     College celebrated International yoga day on 21st June 2015. Thirteen staff members and twenty nine students participated in it.

Celebration of Mahila Sashaktikaran

  • Date: 1/8/2015 On 1st August, 2015, we organized a Rally. 50 female students participated in the Rally. The route of the rally was from our college, which is situated on the Ashram Road, till Income Tax Circle, near Mahatma Gandhi’s Statue and back to our college. The Rally started off at 10:30 and reached the college at 11:15. The students were given Glucose water and biscuits. The students gathered in the Auditorium on the ground floor. A government officer informed the students about the Police Support Centre. Trained 13 female students demonstrated their skills in Karate and Judo and taught the other students how to defend themselves. Our principal Dr. M. S. Trivedi Vidyabhavan Trust Mentor, Ex V.C. Shri A.U. Patel addressed the students and motivated them to live a life with self respect and also talked to them about becoming financially independent. The whole programme got over at 12:30.
  • Date: 7/8/2015 On 7th August, 2015 a lecture on Women Empowerment was organized. Ms. Meena Jagtap, an eminent lawyer of the High Court was invited to deliver the lecture. Around 60 female students attended the lecture and the session ended with interesting dialogue between the students and the lawyer. Ms. Meena Jagtap counselLed the students who talked about their personal problems also. Prof. Pallavi Vyas attended the rally at the Gujarat University Central Library, organized by Gujarat University along with 6 students and attended the seminar on Women Empowerment at Gujarat University Senate Hall.
  • Date: 11/08/2015 We celebrated the Mahila Karma Yogi Divas. Six lady professors were given computer training in the Computer Laboratory of the college.
  • Date: 13/08/2015 Brahmakumari’s Ms. Reetaben and Mr. Vivekbhai were invited to talk to our students about empowering women by the strength that lies inside their hearts. They talked about the mythological characters and related these characters to the present situation in which the women are living in today’s society. Their lectures took the audience from the mundane level to a spiritual level. Their session ended up with a discussion on ‘Karma’ and ‘Forgiveness’.
  • Date: 14/08/2015 On 14/08/2015, Yoga Guru Shri Nitinbhai Trivedi gave a lecture and demonstration of Yoga. He explained how yoga can cure diseases also. 50 girls attended the lecture.
  • The college celebrated Sardar Patel Jayanti on 31st October, 2015 by organizing elocution competition on Sardar Patel- An Iron Man.

Sneh Milan

  • On 21ST April, 2013, Sunday morning, honorable education minister Shri Bhuprndra singhji Chudasama was the chief guest of our Sneh Milan function, he blessed the college with brilliant success in all the endeavors and he honored our team of research and development. Dr. B.M. Patel was also honored by the education minister for completing his PhD degree. As per the tradition, our managing trustee Shri Mukeshbhai shah Saheb declared a new scheme for those students who want to study abroad would be provided interest free loan up to Rs. 6 lakh for their foreign study.

Gandhi Katha

  • The discourse on Gandhi Katha was given by Narayanbhai Desai on Gandhi’s life, thoughts and values. The main theme was on Gandhian system, focussing on truth, non violence, peace, ‘Khadi’, trusteeship and self reliance, and untouchability. Throughout the discourse the audience was illuminated. For all five days the Katha kept the audience engrossed.
  • Gandhi Katha was a unique programme of five days that we organized in our campus. This was an innovative approach, a discourse to give Gandhian message and to show different phases of life to the students and public. It is difficult to comprehend the entire Katha and grasp it entirely, so we have chalked out a plan to show this discourse to the students to ponder and practice them in daily life. We have prepared a C.D. of this programme covering all the five days. It is so exhaustive and so much in detail that all at a time or once for all approach can not help us to make fruitful use of it. Keeping this fact in mind, for next year we would plan to keep a week long programme to see the C.D. and draw lessons from Gandhi’s life and his experiences. As the C.D. is covering every aspect of his life we would plan to show it part by part. This, we would like to take as a mission of 2009–2010.



  • A procession on Gandhian thoughts and ideology on 6/1/2009.

Prior to the beginning to Gandhi Katha, a procession of 500 students with professors was taken to propagate and invite the public to attend the Katha. The procession took a round of Ashram Road with banners and slogans.


Cultivating  Library Habit  :

(1) Navgujarat book–club was formed for the first time in the beginning of academic year 2008–09. The club was established with the motive to inspire more and more students for ”Value based and quality reading,” with kind co-operation of Prof. C.A. Shah and Prof. Nayanaben Chudasama. Many students enrolled in the club. Reading of great novels, some very important reference books, biographies, and motivation literature  enhanced their interest and raised their motivation. This also enriched their wisdom and vision. The students shared their experience with pleasure and contention.

Book–Exhibition :

(2) Before the inauguration of Gandhi Katha we organized a "Book Exhibition." The books by Gandhiji and on Gandhiji were displayed. It had an extensive range of books, photographs, rare hand written scripts and documents, letters, speeches, addresses and published literature were displayed. Many rare and precious literature of Gandhiji and on Gandhiji was also put in the exhibition, some of them were borrowed from Gandhi–Ashram, Ahmedabad. The exhibition was held from 6th January to 10th January 2009. and was also extended for two days. Honourable Shree Narayanbhai Desai inaugurated the exhibition. Invited guests, dignitaries, professors, students and the public visited the exhibition. The dignitaries who visited exhibition included Dr. Parimalbhai Trivedi, V.C. of Gujarat University. Former Deputy C.M. of Gujarat Shree Narharibhai Amin, Shree Sundarshan Iyenger, V.C. of Gujarat Vidyapith, Urmilaben Patel - former Rajyasabha member.

(3) During 10th December, 2009 book exhibition was arranged in our college. Shri Ashwinbhai Bhavsar, chief librarian of Gujarat University inaugurated the exhibition and it was opened for students and public from 7.15 a.m. to 5 p.m. in our library.

(4) During 2011, an exhibition of books was also arranged for 3 days and it was inaugurated by the chief librarian of Gujarat Vidyapith.

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